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01. Januar 2000

EcJ-Online Journal 1 (1) 2013: Seite 3 - 7

Erfolgreiche Suche: Echinocereus pulchellus (Martius) Seitz am Standort Pachuca
Autor: Dieter Felix

Abstract: It seems, that in recent years many fruitless attempts hat been undertaken, to rediscover E. pulchellus on its type location close to Pachuca. There had been rumours, that this original habitat was destroyed through road construction works. The author visited in 2012 together with M. Geuens, R. Goris and K. Siebold Pachuca and they decided before long, to look for the type location. Surprisingly they discovered plants - and some of them had been in bloom, which the author shows in this article. The plants are apparently very rare on this habitat; the tour group discovered all in all 8 plants only.

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